Operating Trainings

In order to ensure the that equipment functions well, both equipment users and the equipment maintenance and repair team must be trained. Users must be trained in basic care and maintenance of equipment, and the equipment team must be trained to undertake repairs and more complex maintenance tasks. That’s why after every equipment delivery our service department provides Customer’s personnel trainings, with issuing the Certificates for the employees.

Training is not an activity that only happens once. Training is required at various times throughout an employee’s career:


Training when new equipment first arrives,

if the personnel has no experience with such type of the equipment.

Refresher training:

regular training to update and renew skills throughout the working life of the equipment and staff.

To conduct trainings on operation and maintenance of equipment, personnel can be presented on the manufacturer’s site in order to monitor the assembly process in real time, study the equipment design features, teach basic skills for troubleshooting and diagnostic. Also, for the conducting similar training on the customer’s premises, the manufacturer’s representative may be invited.
For contact with the specialists of our service department for any questions connected with operating trainings, leave a request on the site or make a request to the email address service@aero-gse.com.

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