FeverBlock temperature measurement system

Nuctech FeverBlock is an integrated screening system for quickly measuring body temperature in public places.

The system includes one network camera for vision and precise measurement of body temperature. All-in-on workstation is equipped with unique software that allows to perform temperature measurement with an indication of a potentially ill person. By using infrared vision software and visible light recording technology, the device covers a large area of measurement. Equipment is able to quickly and wirelessly measure the skin temperature a person, who partially covers face by wearing a mask and/or glasses.

The artificial intelligence algorithm helps to precisely locate the position of the human face and detect people who have increased temperature. The capacity of the system is 200 people per minute, which meets the requirements for large passages, where the efficiency of the system is important, as it enables temperature monitoring.

The Nuctech FeverBlock screening system is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The system is used in public places, office buildings, on entrances and near exits to identify people who have increased skin temperature in accordance to the reference level set.

The system is mainly used in places with medium or high flow of people, such as airports, metro, bus stations, ports, schools, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, casinos, etc.


Network Camera (Two Variants)
Wzorzec ciała
Working station, all-on-one


Stable intelligent temperature detection

Artificial intelligence algorithms precisely locate the position of the human face and avoid the influence of non-human objects with high temperature.Intelligent distance compensation algorithm makes temperature measurement more stable.

High measuring performance

FeverBlock enables non-contact temperature measurement for a group of people at the same time.During the measurement, it is not necessary to stop the test subjects and wait for the measurement end.The screening test has a capacity of 200 people per minute. Temperature testing takes place from a safe distance from 1 to 5m, which effectively reduces the risk of falling ill through direct contact.

Precise automatic temperature calibration

Automatic temperature calibration according to the environment to achieve a high accuracy of screening temperature measurement ± 0.3°C, without additional manual operation.

Data safety

Only alarm data is stored and identified in the system. The system provides daily statistics to help in everyday management of epidemies. Personal data about normal temperature is not stored.



Integrated solution with high precision

Simple implementation, unpacking and working


Infrared camera resolution384×288Accuracy of measurement±0,3° C
Field of view37,9°x28,7° (H x V)Effectiveness of screening tests200 osób /min
Focal length9,7 mmCamera resolution1920×1080
Measuring range30°C ~ 45°CWorking temperature0°C ~ 40°C
Measurement distance1m – 5mWorking environmentwewnątrz