Broddson Nordic

Broddson, Sweepers

Broddson Nordic PM10 is a towed conveyor sweeper with large capacity, but it is at the same time very easy to operate.

Nordic has a 3,1 cubic hopper and a 2640 mm dump height, which facilitates service and maintenance. Articulated arms are part of the standard equipment. It enables the sweeper to move sideways, which makes it easy to clean narrow passages. The Nordic is also equipped with automatic relief valves and easy coupling and uncoupling.

All sweepers are produced in Sweden in producers’ own premises what is guarantee of high quality and allows to customize your sweeper according to your needs


Length 4.570 mm
Width 1.870 mm
Height 2.260 mm
Sweeping width 2.300-2.800 mm
Capacity Max 30 liter/min
Tires 225/75 x 17.5”